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It’s OFFICIAL . . . AFTA’s MayoFest has been declared ECQ
Educational – Captivating – Quintessential

by Jojo Reynes

The recently concluded Association of Fil-Am Teachers Association, Inc. Professional Development entitled “MayoFest: Teaching with a Smile in your Heart” was a big and resounding success! Over 120 teachers and student-teachers registered and participated from California to New York as well as across the continent to the different provinces in the Philippines. This just goes to show that even with the current situation, AFTA has the ability to reach out to its members and recipients.
MayoFest is a professional development (PD) opportunity on the science of happiness in teaching. AFTA knows teaching is one of the most stressful professions and teachers do take that challenge because it is their passion. That is why AFTA offered its members a series of workshops in regards to feeling good about themselves and to rekindle the fun of teaching and learning. With this PD, AFTA hopes to instill in all educators that sense of happiness while teaching and provide strategies that may lead us to attain it.

MayoFest was held via zoom last May 22, 2021 with an ensemble of resource speakers top billed by keynote speaker Dr. Alvin S. Sicat. The said PD got started with a welcome address from Ms. Rena Pedaria (President, AFTA) then with the PD rationale by Mr. Ramil Buenaventura (EVP, AFTA).  
The plenary session was delivered Dr. Alvin S. Sicat, Professor, Graduate School of Education, Philippine Women’s University. Following the plenary were three break-out sessions where the participants got divided into which session they chose earlier. Each breakout session has its own unique take towards the theme of the PD and delivered by masterful speakers to boot. Session 1 was entitled “Teaching on Camera” by Norbs Portales, Senior PETA Artist-Teacher, Actor for Stage, TV & Film Trainor for Creative Pedagogy; session 2 “Songs and Improvisation” by Cristopher R. Francis, Systems Analyst & Software Engineer, former Instructor, University of Cebu, Stand-up Comedian, Online Performer; and session 3 was “Make-up for Teleconferencing” by AllyCat Castle, Makeup Artist, CBS Evening News with Nora O’Donnell, Make-up Youtube Channel AllyCat Castle, Transgender Youtube Podcast - Trans Sisters TV. All sessions were both informative and insightful and its respective resource speakers were equally talented, qualified and experts on their respective crafts.

After the conclusion of break-out sessions, the presentation of the participants’ outputs followed. The closing remarks was delivered by Johjoh Demoe-Jenae, VP Professional Development and Professional Development Coordinator of AFTA. Then, a few lucky participants won wonderful raffle prizes. And lastly, MayoFest ended with a community singing of the song “Smile in your Heart” led by one of its newest members, Joy C. Amaro.

All in all, everybody who attended and participated got more than they expected. They got inspired, gained new insights and had an educational as well as enjoyable time. Can’t wait for the next one of what AFTA will be offering soon!



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Source: The Manila Times, Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO)

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